When will the Commanders cut ties with head coach Ron Rivera?

It seems a case of when, not if...
Ron Rivera
Ron Rivera / Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

When will the Washington Commanders announce the inevitable and relieve head coach Ron Rivera of his duties?

Every time it looks like the Washington Commanders might be generating some genuine momentum, it all comes crashing to an abrupt halt. That proved to be the case once again in Week 11 against the New York Giants.

Despite being 9.5-point favorites for the clash, the Commanders were outplayed almost from start to finish en route to yet another embarrassing loss on home soil. Something that saw head coach Ron Rivera's seat go from hot to almost beyond repair.

Rivera knew the size of his task this season. Josh Harris' ownership group finally wrestled the Commanders from Dan Snyder's grasp at a cost of $6.05 billion - meaning mediocrity would no longer be tolerated from a results standpoint.

Commanders must time Ron Rivera's removal right

An encouraging start saw the Commanders rack up two-straight victories. After that, it's been a stream of moral triumphs against playoff-caliber opposition and complete failings versus opponents they should have beaten convincingly.

The general consensus surrounding Rivera is not if he's let go by the Commanders, but when this landmark alteration will be confirmed. That's been a hot topic for discussion in recent days, but the figurehead is focused on what he can control based on comments via Pro Football Talk.

"I can only control what I can. What happens beyond today, what happens beyond the end of the season, that’s not in my control. So everything I can do is focus on today, the present. That’s the only thing I have. I’ll try to get that across to the players as well. I can’t focus on what I can’t control. I try to focus on the Cowboys and just take it one day at a time. I try to focus in on what’s important today, and that’s preparing for Dallas. We’re all frustrated. We’re all trying to get this thing corrected. We’re all trying to do the best we can."

Ron Rivera via Pro Football Talk

A short week before Thanksgiving at the Dallas Cowboys gave Rivera a mini-reprieve. What comes after that is less certain.

This is all about timing. If the Commanders want to get a good look at what Eric Bieniemy could potentially bring to the head coaching gig as an interim, then Rivera might be removed from the equation if the result versus the Cowboys goes as many expect.

Harris and his team of investors could also pull the trigger after Washington's game against the Miami Dolphins in Week 13. That would likely give Bieniemy the bye to implement any changes heading into a daunting run of games down the stretch.

If Rivera's firing doesn't occur before then, he'll probably get until the end of the season. In this instance, Black Monday will be the official end of his four-year tenure.

Either way, t's not looking good for Rivera. He's done an admirable job restoring respectability and improving the culture within the Commanders, but Harris wants much more for this once-proud franchise than just treading water.

At the end of the day, it's a results business. Rivera deserves credit for fighting through significant adversity - both from a team and personal perspective - since joining the Commanders, but this relationship seems to have run its course with a fourth consecutive losing season looming.

The wheels of change are already in motion. And there does seem to be an inevitability about Rivera's fate right now.

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