Unanimous vote officially kicks off new era for the Washington Commanders

Rejoice, for the Commanders sale saga is officially over.

Josh Harris
Josh Harris / Michael Loccisano/GettyImages

An overwhelming vote between other NFL owners brought the curtain down on Dan Snyder's 24-year reign with the Washington Commanders.

It hardly seems real.

After decades of misery and months of speculation, the Washington Commanders are officially under new ownership at last.

NFL owners met in Minnesota to push through the $6.05 billion transaction on Thursday, which suffered no last-minute setbacks despite some worries emerging last week. Josh Harris' group can now bask in the glory of their new purchase after months of back and forth between the league and Dan Snyder, who gets a healthy profit but leaves a legacy of disgrace behind.

The excitement was palpable all day across the fanbase. Many were celebrating long before the news became official, with everything from barbecues to quiet reflection marking the dawning of a new, exciting era.

Commanders can finally move forward without Dan Snyder

No matter how Washington's long-suffering fans rejoiced around the world, the collective sigh of relief was deafening. Snyder turned one of the NFL's most storied franchises into a bottom-feeding stain on the league thanks to severe mismanagement, concerning allegations, and a toxic culture that would have likely been kept under wraps had it not been for the brave people that came forward.

Based on the atmosphere emanating from NFL owners before their meeting began, there was only going to be one outcome. They've been desperate to get rid of Snyder for years, so this was an opportunity that couldn't be passed up.

Harris was also present at the meeting to no doubt receive congratulations for buying the Commanders and also for having enough patience to handle Snyder's stubborn, childish ways. But the hard work starts now for his team of investors, who'll have grand plans to get Washington back to the league's top table after almost 25 years.

Members of the ownership group will be present at a specially-arranged pep rally tomorrow. This will be the first chance to make a good impression, which can be accomplished by being personable and accountable - two traits that Snyder never managed to muster.

One could write a list as long as the Bayeux Tapestry regarding Snyder's failings. But that would detract from the immensely positive situation the Commanders now find themselves in with wealthy benefactors who've attained plenty of success in business and sport.

This is and has been a monumental day. The newfound optimism among the fans was evident across discussions in Twitter Spaces, radio shows, and social media exchanges, which should hopefully bring everyone together in a more positive manner moving forward.

It's time to close the book on such a turbulent past and focus on the future. One that Harris' group will strive to make prosperous both on and off the field.

Becoming a contender, restoring the Commanders as a vital community asset, winning back the fans, and forming plans for a new stadium are among the biggest priorities right out of the gate. It could take time, but this is an ungodly mess they're inheriting, so patience should be preached initially.

Rome wasn't built - or rebuilt in the Commanders' case - in a day. But now NFL owners have removed Snyder from the equation and ushered in the Harris group's era, the organization can emerge from the dark cloud that's enveloped it for a generation and begin to form the foundations that made Washington one of the league's first powerhouses.

Enjoy the night. Enjoy the weekend.

After so much heartache, every single Commanders fan deserves this moment.