5 things Dan Snyder got critically wrong as Commanders owner

(John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports) Dan Snyder
(John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports) Dan Snyder /
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What things did Dan Snyder get critically wrong during his tumultuous ownership of the Washington Commanders spanning more than two decades?

Here’s a little “inside Riggo’s Rag” for you.

For any article written, we shoot for a minimum of 600 words. As I sat down to begin a piece on Dan Snyder and his failures as Washington Commanders owner, it occurred to me that I could hit that minimum fairly easily by simply listing a couple of hundred names.

There would barely need to be a word of explanation or analysis. Even casual fans would know what I meant by ‘Sean Taylor Tribute, Part  1‘. ‘Pat Hill’ might require a little more information, but you’d remember it once I started.

I won’t be doing that today. Maybe tomorrow. The fountain of Snyder’s failures is seemingly bottomless. Today, I want to focus more on several specific examples of broad management failure.

In hindsight, it appears that Snyder was a bad fit as a professional sports team owner on an almost molecular level. Every instinct, every personality quirk was preternaturally destined for disaster.

These aren’t necessarily specific mistakes – personnel or staffing missteps, public relations fiascos. There are plenty of those. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone (maybe even me) writes about those things in the near future. These are more global failings.

With that in mind, here are five things Snyder got critically wrong throughout his ownership spell as the franchise prepares to embark on an exciting new era.