When could the Washington Commanders sale receive formal approval?

(Photo by Andy Marlin/Getty Images) Josh Harris
(Photo by Andy Marlin/Getty Images) Josh Harris /

When could the pending sale of the Washington Commanders receive official approval from other NFL owners after months of constant speculation?

Step by step, day by day, the Washington Commanders move closer to being out of Dan Snyder‘s hands for good. It’s been an exhaustive process until this point, but signs now suggest that the finishing line is finally, mercifully in sight.

While significant doubts have been cast around Brian Davis and his supposed $7 billion offer for the Commanders, that shouldn’t be anybody’s primary concern right now. What’s important is the bid led by Josh Harris getting over the line at the earliest possible opportunity.

But when will something become official? That’s the big question every fan that’s endured decades of misery under Snyder wants to know.

It might not be much longer based on recent reports.

Commanders sale could be completed soon

Harris and Snyder sent their tentative agreement over to the NFL for approval earlier this week, which received a quick response with little in the way of alterations needed according to Mark Maske and Nicki Jhabvala of the Washington Post. The duo also confirmed there is unlikely to be much contention from other owners in pursuit of ridding themselves of a problem that’s blighted the league for some time.

"“The NFL’s informal review of Josh Harris’s tentative $6.05 billion deal for the Commanders has found only minor issues for Harris’s group to address, source says, nothing major that would threaten approval of the purchase. Josh Harris’s purchase of the Commanders almost certainly will be ratified by the owners, source says, if the deal is properly modified and issues related to indemnification and the NFL’s investigation of Daniel Snyder and the team can be resolved.”"

This is the most positive step yet aside from Snyder accepting the offer after Jeff Bezos deciding not to enter the running. Providing the suggested alterations are made by Harris and Snyder, the rest should be a relative formality.

If everything is resolved and put to the league before the next batch of owners’ meetings on May 22, then a vote to officially approve the Commanders’ sale could take place as soon as that. Charles Gasparino of FOX News also put forward the possibility of August before a vote is cast.

"“Commanders sale to Josh Harris likely to receive first leg of its NFL approval this week, sources say, followed by stringent background checks on all its owners, sources of funds etc. NFL could hold special August owners meeting for final approval before season begins.”"

It would be surprising if things dragged on for that long, in all honesty. The NFL wants a quick resolution and even though the indemnification for Snyder is not ideal – especially for those who’ve suffered under his regime – getting this over the line could be the league’s biggest priority above all else.

Once everything gets the green light, the sigh of collective relief from the Commanders’ fanbase will be exceptional. And make no mistake, the set-up Harris has molded alongside Mitchell Rales and Magic Johnson has all the makings of a successful partnership – one that can hopefully bring the glory days back to Washington along the way.

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