9 potential replacements for Commanders head coach Ron Rivera in 2024

The pressure is building on Ron Rivera...
Ron Rivera
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Who could the Washington Commanders potentially target if Josh Harris' ownership group decides to move on from head coach Ron Rivera?

After suffering their second embarrassing loss in three weeks, Ron Rivera's seat has gone from hot to sweltering in the blink of an eye. Many fans have seen enough to warrant a change and based on defensive tackle Jonathan Allen's post-game comments, these frustrations are also finding their way into the locker room.

Rivera remains defiant in the face of significant adversity and won't be going down without a fight. But the same problems continue to rear their head, which is an indictment on preparation and coaching more than anything else.

Josh Harris' ownership group has a big decision to make in the near future. If the same trend continues in the coming weeks, then the chances of parting ways with Rivera are high after four years of minimal success.

On this topic, here are nine potential head coaching candidates the Washington Commanders could hire if they do end up going in a different direction.

Commanders could promote Eric Bieniemy

If the Washington Commanders end up canning Ron Rivera in-season, then Eric Bieniemy would likely be installed as the interim head coach. But there's also a good chance Josh Harris' ownership group will give him an interview if they wait until competitive games conclude.

Bieniemy's high-profile switch from the Kansas City Chiefs this offseason was done to take that next step and prove beyond all doubt he has what it takes to thrive in the top job. While it's been a mixed bag offensively, his leadership is undoubtedly positive and something that's commanded respect after some within the locker room were taken aback by his early demands.

One stumbling block is the need for a complete reset. If the Commanders do fire Rivera at some stage, completely starting afresh represents the best course of action - something that might leave Bieniemy on the outside looking in once again.