4 huge disappointments from Commanders loss vs. NY Giants in Week 11

What a catastrophe...

Jamison Crowder
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What huge disappointments emerged from yet another cataclysmic loss for the Washington Commanders against the New York Giants?

The Washington Commanders lost a home game against a division rival playing with their third-string quarterback. One they were expected to win comfortably according to sportsbooks.

They lost a game in which they outgained their opponents by more than 100 yards and held the ball for 10 minutes more. They lost a game in which they had one accepted penalty for five yards. They lost a game which it was almost impossible for them to lose.

Except they were playing the New York Giants.

Over the Ron Rivera years, the Commanders cannot seem to beat the G-Men, no matter how unlikely a loss may seem. To wit, during the last three and a half seasons, their NFC East adversaries have won 37 percent of their games.

But in the eight contests they have played against Rivera’s men, they are now 5-2-1, which works out to a winning percentage of 71 percent. If The Giants could play the Commanders every week, they’d be Super Bowl-bound.

Of course, the Giants won this game because Washington turned the ball over six times. Very few teams can overcome that level of self-destruction. These Commanders certainly cannot.

It was a wonder that even with a 5-0 turnover deficiency, the Commanders were still in position to win in the final minute. But Sam Howell’s third interception sealed the loss.

Turnovers are the biggest disappointment of the day, but you already know that. Let’s look at a few other ways in which the Commanders failed to meet expectations in this demoralizing loss.

In honor of Riggo’s Rag writer Hirdesh Matta, who is unable to do his Key Numbers piece this week, we’ll try to keep it as numerical as possible.