Commanders News: Big day arrives, Josh Harris, Jahan Dotson and Chris Rodriguez Jr.

It's a big day and the Commanders news and rumors are plentiful.

Josh Harris
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Commanders see something in Chris Rodriguez Jr.

The Washington Commanders clearly thought a lot of Chris Rodriguez Jr. during their pre-draft evaluations. This is a player that had a third-round grade on Ron Rivera's board, so to get the powerful running back at No. 193 overall was probably beyond the wildest dreams of those within the war room.

It was a difficult opening to off-season activities for Rodriguez. But the former Kentucky star responded positively to Eric Bienemy in particular as he looks to establish himself right out of the gate in 2023.

That will be difficult given the Commanders have Brian Robinson Jr. and Antonio Gibson atop the running back depth chart. However, as Philip Hughes from SB Nation stated, Washington is getting a player with interesting attributes that's put up decent numbers in the SEC - college football's best pro-pipeline.

"It speaks volumes that, even with a crowded room of talented backs, the staff could find value in drafting another back, especially one they never envisioned getting in the late rounds. [Chris] Rodriguez has an interesting blend of talent as a 5-11, 224-pound running back who seeks out contact and punishes defenders, yet can make a cutback and run untouched for 60 yards. He’s no track star, but he’s sneaky fast on the football field when he keeps it north-south. He also runs angry at times, which makes for an interesting blend. I’m sure folks in the SEC were glad to see him go after 40 games as a Wildcat and 6.2 yards a carry for his career."

Philip Hughes, SB Nation

Realistically speaking, an injury would need to occur for Rodriguez to get any meaningful involvement. But if Bieniemy loves him and he shows out during camp, one couldn't dismiss the possibility entirely.