Commanders News: Big day arrives, Josh Harris, Jahan Dotson and Chris Rodriguez Jr.

It's a big day and the Commanders news and rumors are plentiful.
Josh Harris
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What to expect during Commanders sale vote day

The day every Washington Commanders fan has dreamt about for years is finally upon us. NFL owners will congregate in Minnesota with one primary item on the agenda - to vote and approve the $6.05 billion franchise sale to Josh Harris and his wealthy team of investors.

This is an NFL-record purchase and something that represents the dawning of a new era. One that's slowly starting to capture the imagination, getting fans back onside, and seeing potential sponsors looking at the Commanders a little differently.

Washington's long-suffering support will be glued to their phones and media outlets throughout the day. Just when something official will emerge is unclear, but it shouldn't take too long once the vote has taken place with one projected outcome in mind.

Nobody has revealed the time this meeting will be held currently. Preparations for a generational celebration are already underway, which also includes a special pep rally organized by the team that will be Harris' first appearance in his newly-acquired position of power.

The excitement will be palpable. If last night was like Christmas Eve, this is when every Commanders fan around the globe gets to open their presents and focus on a more prosperous future for the franchise.

Our advice? Keep the alcoholic beverages on ice and notifications turned on.

When the news breaks, it's likely to come from Adam Schefter, Ian Rapoport, Nicki Jhabvala, Mark Maske, or A.J. Perez. But it doesn't matter who's first, just so long as there is a positive outcome as anticipated.