Commanders news: Ben Johnson, Raheem Morris, Adam Peters and bitterness

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Ben Johnson
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Former Commanders continue bitter exchanges

Robert Griffin III and Jay Gruden made the headlines this week thanks to a social media spat that went back and forth. After everything died down, that was seemingly the end of it. Until it wasn't.

The former Washington Commanders quarterback chose to discuss Gruden once again on his weekly podcast. Unsurprisingly, this provoked a response from the former head coach, who went after Griffin for not being good enough, stating Kirk Cousins was better, and declaring his failed spells elsewhere as reasons why he's no longer in the league.

It's not a good look for either, in all honesty. Reopening old wounds isn't good for anybody in any form of life. Both men have moved on, but it's another sign of the previous dysfunction in Washington when Dan Snyder held absolute power.

Thankfully, this is officially a thing of the past. Josh Harris' ownership group isn't going to stand for such petulance and in-house fighting. They are running things professionally and with purpose. The hiring of new general manager Adam Peters only confirms this fact.

Gruden and Griffin will get more media exposure from their exchange in the hours and days ahead. It's some extra clout for both if nothing else. Even if this bitterness should have been left in the past where it belongs.