RGIII and Jay Gruden got into quite the Twitter spat while everyone was watching NFL Playoffs

And somehow Brian Mitchell was involved?

Washington Redskins v Indianapolis Colts
Washington Redskins v Indianapolis Colts / Joe Robbins/GettyImages

If you had 'former Washington QB Robert Griffin III and head coach Jay Gruden start yapping at each other on Twitter during the middle of 2024's Wild Card weekend' on your bingo card, stop making bingo cards. You're in too deep. But, that is more or less what happened on Monday night, adding a little spice to a weekend that was exceptionally bland otherwise. It started with Gruden, who's objectively a very strange Tweeter; his feed is full of weirdly-spaced exclamation marks and he only follows 121 people. It is, essentially, exactly what you'd expect from a 56-year old former football coach. While he was watching the Buccaneers demoralize the entire city of Philadelphia on Monday night, Gruden fired off this Tweet:

Funny you mention that Jay! Because, well, you kinda did! That sound you hear is anyone cursed enough to watch/root for the Washington football team 2014-2019 screaming at you through their phones. It might also be your quarterback during part of that stretch, RGIII, also yelling at you through his phone. While he was only in DC for the first Gruden year, it clearly left an impression. (Can't really blame RGIII there.)

Since leaving the league, RGIII has quickly found his comfort zone as a media personality with ESPN. He calls college games, contributes to NFL pre-game shows, and generally posts zany videos that are either ironically enjoyable or cringey, depending on what generation you're in. So there's probably a trolling aspect to this, which is not necessarily something that a 56-year old football coach would pick up on. Gruden thinks Twitter is his ally, but he merely adopted it. RG3 was born into it; molded by it. It was a funny moment until it, uh, wasn't:

Yikes! There's that classic Gruden diplomacy at work again. It's all types of unnecessary, but that's Twitter. It was also a lot for 9PM on a Monday night, but again, what choice did we have? Log off? Never. Don't worry: if you thought either side left it at that, just wait. There's SO much more coming. RGIII had a comeback locked-and-loaded:

It doesn't pack quite the same punch the second time around, but those are certainly some juicy allegations that RG3's throwing Gruden's way. Gruden returned serve with maybe the most passive aggressive tweet of 2024, and it's January 16th:

Just to quickly remind everyone, the staff that Gruden's talking about included offensive coordinator Sean McVay, and offensive line coach Bill Callahan, among others. So maybe it's truly a mea culpa, but I'll let you decide whether you think former Washington football team coach Jay Gruden is actually sorry and actually thinks that staff -- that he put together -- wasn't good enough. And if you need some anecdotal evidence, here's how he proceeded to interact with beloved franchise icon Brian Mitchell.

So there you go, another normal one on Twitter dot com. Maybe Jay Gruden is truly just the master of dry wit, and we're all doing that thing where we misjudge tone because of how it comes across in an online medium. Or maybe none of that is true, and he's being needlessly combative to people within an organization that he ran into the ground for over half a decade. Hard to tell!

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