Commanders' front-office shake-up shows Adam Peters means business

Adam Peters is completely changing the landscape.
Adam Peters
Adam Peters / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Peters has grand plans to completely change the culture within the Washington Commanders. The new general manager set out his stall early by implementing a level of professionalism and conviction in the team's thought process. Some tough decisions were made, but there's no doubt this once-proud franchise is in good hands.

It was difficult for Peters to implement wholesale alterations to the front office initially. Scouts and other personnel had worked hard over recent months with draft reports and potential free-agent targets. There was also the small matter of deciding what to do with Washington's out-of-contract players - many of whom weren't brought back.

With the 2024 NFL Draft firmly in the rearview mirror, Peters had the green light to bring in staff he believes can fit his way of thinking. It's also another sign that the front-office leader will stop at nothing to make the Commanders an industry leader on and off the field.

Commanders make major statement with front-office alterations

The first notable arrival was Brandon Sosna, who became the team's vice president of football operations. Among his chief responsibilities will be heading up the analytics department and being in charge of contract negotiations. It's a big challenge, but Peters believes his previous experience with the Detroit Lions will serve him well based on comments via the team's website.

"We are excited to welcome Brandon Sosna to the Washington Commanders. Brandon was a key addition to Brad Holmes' staff in 2022 and played a vital role in assisting the Lions in their roster construction these past two seasons. His expertise on the salary cap and in contract negotiations along with his well-rounded skillset developed through his unique career across the NFL and collegiate athletics makes him a great fit for the front office we are building here in Washington. I'd like to thank the Detroit Lions organization and specifically, President Rod Wood who was first-class in how he handled the process of getting Brandon to Washington. Brandon is a home run hire, and we are thrilled to welcome him to the DMV."

David Blackburn also reportedly joins the Commanders as director of player personnel according to Ben Standig of The Athletic. It's a short distance to travel for the new arrival after leaving the Baltimore Ravens. He's played an influential role behind the scenes for the AFC juggernaut, so his expertise is going to be another outstanding source of knowledge for Peters to depend upon.

This also leaves Chris Polian - who held the position previously - to take up a role with the Cleveland Browns.

The Commanders also struck a deal with Dwaune Jones, per Neil Stratton. He joins from the Atlanta Falcons and has also spent time with the New Orleans Saints and Ravens. He was part of the process that identified Lamar Jackson as a franchise quarterback while most of the league held significant reservations, so his credentials are there for all to see.

Washington's respected general manager is laying the foundations for a brighter future with some of the league's shrewdest talent evaluators. These are exciting times for the Commanders with a prolific team leading the charge. More improvements will be on the way, but the signs are incredibly positive for a more stable future after decades of mismanagement throughout Dan Snyder's ownership.

Peters means business. This is just another prime example of that fact.