League scouts laud Commanders GM Adam Peters' draft mindset

Things couldn't have gone much better.
Adam Peters
Adam Peters / Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Commanders were armed with some hefty capital heading into the 2024 NFL Draft. That doesn't always guarantee success and might not in this instance, but one couldn't be anything other than impressed by the way Adam Peters went about his business over the three-day selection event.

Peters never deviated from his board amid the chaos. He took the best prospects available regardless of need at the time. He even traded down with a division rival because there was genuine conviction that it was the correct call to make. After so much hesitancy and mismanagement under previous decision-makers over the two-decade reign of Dan Snyder, it made for a refreshing change of pace.

Commanders found exceptional value during the 2024 NFL Draft

One doesn't have to look far around the media for evidence of how impressed analysts and those around the league were with Peters' first draft in the primary position of power. The Commanders came out of the process with more credit than arguably anybody, which was a sentiment echoed by NFL scouts during conversations with Adam Caplan from Pro Football Network.

"This was one of those teams that the scouting community raved about when they reviewed this draft. [Jayden] Daniels was the No. 1 or 2 graded QB for this draft by several teams, so the Commanders did well here in terms of value.

"[Johnny] Newton and [Mike] Sainristil should start early on, and [Ben] Sinnott, while some teams had a lesser grade on him, we’re told, will eventually start. Teams loved his versatility and he’s coming off a really good set of Senior Bowl week practices.

"[Brandon] Coleman, we’re told, should wind up playing inside at guard, and he’ll have a good chance to start over time. The Commanders lack good depth at ILB, so [Jordan] Magee, if he has a strong preseason, will have a good chance to make the roster."

All this praise is nice, but it'll be inconsequential to Peters in the grand scheme of things. He'll be more worried about what more is needed and whether Dan Quinn's staff can get so many fresh faces on the same page quickly. That'll be the ultimate determining factor as to how long this rebuild is going to take.

Nobody is getting too carried away, least of all Peters. At the same time, fans are confident the right men to lead the franchise back to prosperity are in charge at long last. Whether it takes one year or three, they can relax safe in the knowledge things are being done differently with one common goal in mind.

This draft class' success is dependent on whether Jayden Daniels becomes the game-changing quarterback many expect. It's the most important position in football and Washington has been craving stability since Kirk Cousins left for the Minnesota Vikings. After flawed trades, free agents who failed to deliver, and unheralded draft picks falling by the wayside, this could be the spark that awakens a sleeping giant.

Peters has the chance to accomplish something special in a big market starving for a team to be proud of. Rome wasn't built in a day, but the ambitious front-office leader is off to the best possible start.