3 elite traits quarterback Jayden Daniels brings to the Commanders

The Commanders are getting a stud...
Jayden Daniels
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Jayden Daniels is the quarterback those in power chose to lead the Washington Commanders into their new era. The No. 2 overall selection in the 2024 NFL Draft immediately becomes the face of the franchise. Someone with electrifying intangibles needed to put fans in the stands and points on the board.

Daniels had plenty of speculation surrounding his intentions leading up to the draft. It didn't change the perception of general manager Adam Peters, who ignored the outside noise throughout and focused on finding the best possible signal-caller to take the team forward once Caleb Williams went to the Chicago Bears. In the Heisman Trophy winner out of LSU, the front-office leader believes he has that exact guy.

This could be the defining moment of Peters' tenure despite only being in the role briefly. If Daniels turns into what many expect, it could be the springboard behind bigger and better things for the Commanders. If not, then the ramifications will cause irreparable damage.

No prospect is a sure thing, in all honesty. That said, Peters' thorough assessments heading into such a pivotal decision should inspire a level of hope that the Commanders have found the correct man under center after years of mismanagement where football's most crucial position is concerned.

Now the move has been made, here are three elite traits Daniels adds to the Commanders.

Elite traits Jayden Daniels brings to the Commanders

Jayden Daniels' deep ball

While Jayden Daniels might not have the biggest arm in this class, it's more than sufficient to become a legitimate downfield threat. The LSU prospect gets the football to the third level with supreme conviction and accuracy. It helped that he was throwing to Brian Thomas Jr. and Malik Nabers, but it's hard not to be impressed with his quick release and ability to connect the football in-stride on deeper routes.

The Washington Commanders don't have many vertical threats on their roster currently. Adam Peters will likely add one at some stage during the draft from an exceptional wide receiver class. More importantly, the team now boasts a quarterback capable of setting the tone and gaining significant yards through the air quickly when opportunities arise.

There's much more to being a successful NFL quarterback. But in a world where splash plays reign supreme, there wasn't much better in college football last season when it came to downfield distribution.