Grading every Commanders pick from the 2024 NFL Draft

To say it was an eventful draft for the Commanders would be an understatement.
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Expectations were high for the Washington Commanders heading into the 2024 NFL Draft. General manager Adam Peters had a hefty arsenal of picks at his disposal. Making the most of them was going to be crucial for the franchise in their quest to make progress next season and beyond under new head coach Dan Quinn.

What transpired during the draft was impressive. Peters mastered the board considerably well, taking prospects regardless of need, striking in the trade market when he felt it could benefit the organization, and scooping up some intriguing development pieces further down the pecking order who look tailormade for the way Quinn wants things to be moving forward.

If anyone had any doubts about whether Peters was the right man for the job, they should be alleviated now. The Commanders have a progressive, purposeful leader of their football operation. There's a quiet determination within, but he also comes off as genuinely approachable - something that resonates with players and staff alike.

It's been a long time since the Commanders had someone like that in charge. If the same trend continues in the weeks and months ahead, the foundations for a successful era of football in the nation's capital won't be too far behind.

That's for the future. For now, we went in-depth and graded every Commanders' pick from the 2024 NFL Draft.

Commanders drafted Javontae Jean-Baptiste

  • Edge Rusher | Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  • No. 222 overall

The Washington Commanders solidified their edge rushing options by picking up some players both Adam Peters and Dan Quinn know well from previous stops in free agency. They waited until their final selection of the 2024 NFL Draft to acquire a development piece from the college ranks at No. 222 overall.

Javontae Jean-Baptiste is a physical specimen out of Notre Dame with all the athletic traits needed to carve out a role for himself. He's the sort of physical profile Quinn's had plenty of profitability with previously, but expecting him to accumulate prominent reps on the rotation right out of the gate is unrealistic.

Jean-Baptiste transferred to the Fighting Irish from Ohio State in time for the 2023 season, which was a smart decision. He got extended playing time en route to five sacks and 10.5 tackles for loss. There's a lot to like about the length he brings to the table and the player's spin move is phenomenal in obvious pass-rushing situations.

Draft Grade: B+

This stage of the draft is all about unearthing rough diamonds in the hope of carving them into something more. Jean-Baptiste has more going for him than most despite being raw technically. Something Quinn and his staff will aim to rectify over time.