4 pros and cons of Bill Belichick becoming the next Commanders head coach

Could the Commanders make a move for Bill Belichick?

Bill Belichick
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Con No. 1

Bill Belichick's power

Bill Belichick the coach is a remarkable individual. There are very few around the league that can match his prolonged success. Everything runs its course over time. It's been clear for a while that a fresh start was the best possible solution for him and the New England Patriots.

The Washington Commanders should be doing their due diligence on Belichick, at the very least. His reputation alone dictates as much. There are some concerns from the outside looking in. These primarily center on the power he'd likely demand.

Much has been made about Belichick's complete rule in New England. He held the positions of head coach and general manager. He was in charge of roster building and developing players. While it brought significant success in the past, his decision-making has been called into question almost from the moment Tom Brady departed for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Belichick recently stated that he'd be willing to relinquish power to a general manager and focus on coaching if the situation presented itself. This seems almost a prerequisite for the Washington Commanders to have a legitimate interest in bringing him into the organization.

Josh Harris is looking to mold the traditional approach to progress with the right structure in place after Ron Rivera got the final say on personnel over his four-year coaching tenure. If Belichick ends up talking to Washington's brain trust and wants more power than they are willing to allocate, it seems like a non-starter.