Commanders majority partner Josh Harris proving actions speak louder than words

A thoughtful and thorough hiring process is officially in motion.

Josh Harris
Josh Harris / Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Commanders' majority partner Josh Harris is proving actions speak louder than words as he looks to take the franchise forward.

Talk is cheap in the NFL. Countless coaches, players, and owners talk big without any substance attached. Fortunately for Josh Harris, his actions are speaking louder than any words as part of his grand plans to take the Washington Commanders into a different stratosphere.

Things are moving incredibly quickly. The Commanders are working with a blank canvas after firing head coach Ron Rivera. First on the agenda is finding the front-office figures capable of forming a concise plan for sustainable success. A shortlist has been made and the interviews have commenced within the space of a day.

This indicates Harris - together with other influential figures including Bob Myers and Rick Spielman - have been working on their strategy for some time. Everyone knew Rivera's fate was all but sealed. Working on a plan of attack beforehand enabled the Commanders to strike swiftly, making the entire league sit up and take notice.

Commanders taking swift action under Josh Harris

Adam Peters and others are spending time with Harris and the aforementioned duo during interviews today in Florida. More are upcoming in the days ahead. Expect appointments to the general manager and director of football operation positions very shortly. This timing is crucial if the Commanders want to land their preferred head coaching target.

Harris is under no illusions as to the size of the task awaiting him in Washington based on comments via Sports Illustrated. He knows how important getting these hires right is to the long and short-term future of the franchise. At the same time, the need to act with supreme conviction is there for all to see.

"This is a really important decision. It's going to be a rapid but thorough process. Ideally, you would have the head of the front office in place before you ultimately select a coach because obviously, that's important. We're not in full control of the timeframe because what we're ultimately trying to do is end up with the best people and the best people generally have alternatives."

Josh Harris via Sports Illustrated

There is a lot of hard work ahead for the Commanders. But fans can relax safe in the knowledge Harris and his team have gone above and beyond to devise a strategy and make Washington a coveted destination for almost any candidate. It's been a long time since the team's long-suffering support could say that.

We are in the midst of significant and exciting change in Washington. Harris and his investors didn't spend $6.05 billion on the franchise to keep the status quo. They want to build a contender. They want the Commanders to become an industry leader in every aspect. At the same time, fans have been burned with false promises and delusional claims before.

Fortunately, the tide seems to be turning. Harris keeping the hires of Myers and Spielman from being leaked tells you all about the current ethos within the building. There is more cohesion. More professionalism. More respect to honor ownership's wishes to run things like a serious football operation.

Developments are ongoing. They will be rapid in the days, weeks, and months ahead. The drama is just getting started.

For once, that's a good thing.