Commanders early frontrunners highlight Josh Harris' unrivaled ambition

It's been a day of serious football moves in Washington.

Josh Harris
Josh Harris / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Early frontrunners for the Washington Commanders vacancies highlight the unrivaled ambition of Josh Harris' ownership group.

It's been quite a day for the Washington Commanders. Josh Harris' ownership group wasted no time in stamping their mark on the franchise. Ron Rivera was fired as head coach. Two key influences joined to assist with the upcoming hiring cycle. Reports are surfacing around who could potentially spearhead an exciting new era.

Harris and his team have been planning what comes next for some time. The Commanders' season spiraled into underachievement quickly. This was all the billionaire and his wealthy investors needed to see. Make no mistake, the time for changes is upon us.

Relieving Rivera of his duties is just the start. The leaked names surrounding interview requests for coaching and front office positions are deliberate. It's a statement of intent from Harris. He wants the NFL to know the Commanders mean business and will strive with everything they have to make this storied organization a force once again.

Commanders are casting their net far and wide under Josh Harris

This is providing the fanbase with untold excitement. Social media is abuzz with positivity not seen since Harris' purchase of the Commanders from Dan Snyder was confirmed. Considering the all-star cast of people involved in the process, confidence is high that they can find the right guys capable of leading this team back to prominence.

There will be more, but here's what we have so far:

Head coach:

  • Ben Johnson - Lions OC
  • Aaron Glenn - Lions DC
  • Raheem Morris - Rams DC
  • Anthony Weaver - Ravens Asst. HC/DL coach

General manager:

  • Adam Peters - 49ers Asst. GM
  • Ian Cunningham - Bears Asst. GM
  • Mike Borgonzi - Chiefs Asst. GM

Director of Football Operations:

  • Alex Halaby - Eagles Asst. GM
  • Glenn Cook - Browns Asst. GM

There's also been speculation linking the Commanders with Jim Harbaugh, although no formal interview request has been made with Michigan set to embark on the college football national championship this evening. Jordan Schultz from the Bleacher Report revealed that Bob Myers has sounded out the coach's new agent about the position. Whether the interest is mutual remains to be seen.

With the influence of Magic Johnson and others, the foundations are being laid. Looking at how the Commanders have positioned themselves heading into the 2024 offseason, it's not a tough sell despite their lack of success over the last two decades.

This is a blank canvas. A chance to wake up a sleeping giant in a big market. The opportunity to work for ambitious owners who won't cut corners. Other teams also have their positives, but Washington is right up there all things considered.

Harris has grand plans on and off the field. He cares deeply about his hometown team. He remembers the energy in Washington when the franchise was a perennial contender. He wants the Commanders to be an industry leader in all aspects.

After waiting patiently, the time to make serious football moves has arrived. And Harris is making no secret of his desire to hit the ground running.