4 pros and cons of Bill Belichick becoming the next Commanders head coach

Could the Commanders make a move for Bill Belichick?

Bill Belichick
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Bill Belichick's credentials are unmatched

The Washington Commanders have enjoyed nothing but abject misery over the last two decades. One could point to Dan Snyder's incompetent ownership as the primary reason behind their constant demise. Meanwhile - over the same period - Bill Belichick put together one of the greatest dynasties in NFL history.

Simply put, Belichick's credentials as a head coach are unmatched over 24 seasons. He's won six Super Bowls out of an astonishing nine appearances. He's got a 30-12 postseason record. In the regular season, it's 266-120.

This would have been even better had things not tailed off so dramatically over the last two seasons. Belichick is 15 regular-season wins from breaking Don Shula's record. That alone should suggest that he's got one more coaching gig before walking away from the game entirely.

What do fans want more than anything else? A good culture? A strong reputation for developing players? These are both desirable traits to adopt when forming plans for sustained success in a highly competitive profession.

The most important thing above all else? Winning. Something the Commanders haven't done consistently for a generation.

Belichick could change all that in an instant given how well Josh Harris has positioned the Commanders for success long-term. This hire would also make the entire league sit up and take notice as a sleeping giant gets set to wake.