4 critical personnel flaws during former Commanders HC Ron Rivera's tenure

Ron Rivera
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What critical personnel flaws proved to be the undoing of former Washington Commanders head coach Ron Rivera during his four-year tenure?

Everyone saw Ron Rivera's future beyond the current campaign as bleak. He was on the NFL's hottest seat when Josh Harris' ownership group bought the Washington Commanders from Dan Snyder. After a fourth consecutive losing season, it all but sealed his fate.

It's clear from the purpose Harris and his team have gone about their business in the last 24 hours that plans were being formed some time ago. Rivera was probably aware of this. He handled himself with class and tried valiantly to turn this sinking ship around. Unfortunately, it wasn't nearly enough.

Rivera was also the primary roster builder as Snyder gave him full personnel control. Looking at the roster heading into a new regime, it's still a work in progress and an indictment of the departed coach's approach.

With this in mind, here are four critical personnel flaws under Rivera's leadership over the last four years.

Commanders traded up for Camaron Cheeseman

This was laughable at the time and even more so now. Long snappers - and good ones at that - can easily be obtained in undrafted free agency or from the veteran pool. Ron Rivera had other ideas, giving up additional assets to trade up for Camaron Cheeseman in the sixth round of the 2021 NFL Draft.

It's a minor transaction compared to others on this list. But the decision highlights the indifferent draft choices made by Rivera throughout his time with the Washington Commanders.

Very few players have exceeded expectations. The jury is still out on many. As for Cheeseman? He didn't cut the mustard and was mercifully released after another horror-show effort at the Los Angeles Rams.