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Ron Rivera thanks Commanders fans

When Ron Rivera showed up at the Washington Commanders facility early on Monday morning, he was probably aware of what the next few hours would hold. The respected figure's been a lame-duck head coach for some time. With another losing season in the books, this was the perfect opportunity for Josh Harris' ownership group to part ways.

Rivera's statement following the expected news was unsurprisingly classy and touching via the team's website. He was thankful to the players for all their hard work. There was also a tinge of disappointment that he couldn't get the job done for a passionate fanbase who've been dragged through the mud for decades.

"I want every Washington fan to know how much I appreciate your unwavering support. Through all the name changes, roster moves, non-football headlines and seasons that did not meet your expectations, you still stood by this team. We did win an NFC East title in 2020, but we fell short since then and for that, I am truly disappointed. You are loyal, passionate fans and I only see good things ahead for you all. I'm going to miss the players and coaches more than I can express. Your professionalism, toughness, work ethic and dedication to the game is a credit not just to this franchise or the game itself but to each of you. You all showed up, every day, wiling to play hard for the team and that commitment will serve you well as better days are ahead. You will always have a place in my heart and my door will always be open to you."

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Rivera overcame significant adversity during his four-year stint as head coach. It was a difficult job to take on. The former linebacker tried valiantly, but it was clear from a long way out this wasn't going to go as everyone anticipated.