Undrafted rookie turns up the heat on Commanders veterans at OTAs

The undrafted free-agent made an impressive start too life with the Commanders.
Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint
Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint / Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Competition for places is fiercer than ever within the Washington Commanders these days. Adam Peters raised the urgency in no uncertain terms with a vast roster overhaul. Everyone is getting a chance to impress, with head coach Dan Quinn using organized team activities to get prominent reps into every player as part of the team's ongoing roster assessments.

More will be needed and probably acquired before it's time to take the field in Week 1 at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Commanders have the financial resources available for additional moves, but finding out what they currently boast across the depth chart is essential before taking further action.

Undrafted free agents face more work than most. They start from the bottom and don't have much time to force their way into the team's plans. Some won't make it. Others could secure places on the practice squad. One name, in particular, is doing his chances of winning a spot on the 53-man roster a tremendous amount of good.

Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint staking his Commanders roster claim

Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint is gaining widespread praise from those in attendance throughout Washington's preparations so far. The former Georgia star seems to be developing decent chemistry with quarterback Jayden Daniels. He's also maximized every target and made some highlight-reel grabs along the way.

This is the best way to get noticed, especially considering there are some concerns about the depth in Washington's wideout room currently. Rosemy-Jacksaint is turning up the heat on some underperforming veterans. He must build on this newfound momentum when things get more intense as the summer program evolves.

Rosemy-Jacksaint would probably have heard his name called in any other draft. This was an exceptionally deep group of wideouts emerging from the college ranks this year. He fell through the cracks as a result, but the Commanders moved swiftly to bring him into the fold once the selection process reached its climax.

There's a lot to like about the skill set Rosemy-Jacksaint brings to the table. He's an explosive route-runner with assured hands. The player boasts a wide catch radius and can meet the football at its highest point thanks to outstanding body control and athleticism.

He's not the quickest, not by a long shot. This worked against him at times in college and was an undoubted reason behind the pass-catcher going undrafted. This lack of legitimate speed also raises doubts about his ability to generate yards after the catch against elite-level competition every week.

That said, Rosemy-Jacksaint is off to a promising start. He's caught the eye and is giving the coaching staff something to think about. That's always half the battle where unheralded players are concerned. Whether it amounts to anything more is another matter.

This also lays down the gauntlet to other wide receivers. Only Jahan Dotson, Luke McCaffrey, and the ultra-consistent Terry McLaurin are guaranteed prominent roles. Everything else is up for grabs, which is the sort of opportunity Rosemy-Jacksaint can seize if the same trend continues.

Watching how Rosemy-Jacksaint responds when the pads go on during Washington's training camp will be another important stage in his quest to get a roster spot. But for now, things couldn't be going much better.