Terry McLaurin impressed by Dan Quinn's early Commanders' culture shift

This glowing reference holds a lot of weight.
Terry McLaurin
Terry McLaurin / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Terry McLaurin's done more with a whole lot less than most wide receivers since entering the league. This hasn't come with much team success where the Washington Commanders are concerned, but that's not on him. He just needs others to meet their end of the bargain.

After one playoff appearance for the Pro Bowler, it would be easy to get frustrated. McLaurin's one of the league's most underrated wideouts for a reason. The former third-round pick doesn't get the credit he deserves thanks in no small to the Commanders' abysmal football product. Hopefully, that's about to change.

Terry McLaurin lauds Commanders' culture shift under Dan Quinn

The Commanders made wholesale changes throughout the offseason. This isn't going unnoticed by McLaurin, who stated via Fan Nation the coaching methods implemented by Dan Quinn coupled with a raised work ethic across the roster are elements already enhancing the franchise's fabric heading into the 2024 campaign.

"It starts with the message from our coaching staff. I think coach [Dan] Quinn, the first few days we came in, we didn't really talk about Xs and Os. We talked about getting to know one another. We talked about the connection between players and why we're all in here and how do you get all these guys from different walks of life - we have coaches, (running game coordinator/running backs) coach (Anthony) Lynn who's been a head coach to (offensive coordinator) coach (Kliff) Kingsbury who's been a head coach. We got so much experience. (Linebacker) Bobby Wagner, we got a gold jacket walking into our building. So it's so many different elements that make up a team, but the foundation is built through the work that you put in each and every day. We've had that training and time to spend with one another since things got started."

Terry McLaurin via Fan Nation

McLaurin's seen a lot of bad times in Washington. This glowing reference to the way things are moving forward holds plenty of weight.

He'll need to do his part, which is almost guaranteed after quickly emerging into a supremely consistent pass-catcher. McLaurin's been starved of success. He also believes the correct foundations are being laid for a sustainable future regarding one of the jewels in the NFL's crown.

Quinn's increased purpose and improved teachings rubbed off positively on everybody over early workouts. The new arrivals in Washington settled down to work extremely quickly. More importantly for McLaurin, rookie quarterback Jayden Daniels looks like someone who can finally provide him with consistent distribution under center.

There are some concerns from the outside looking in. The Commanders' offensive line and their outside cornerback options are two potential complications that could hold this team back when push comes to shove. But they won't be unprepared for battle with Quinn leading the charge based on initial impressions.

McLaurin deserves any potential team accomplishments more than most. He remained focused and committed while others became disinterested and unmotivated during the final campaign with Ron Rivera at the helm. This speaks volumes to his professionalism and leadership - something the Commanders need once again to drag themselves from obscurity and into the limelight under the new regime.

The Ohio State product seems suitably impressed. Fans should be too.