Commanders WR Terry McLaurin finally being recognized among the NFL's elite

Commanders WR Terry McLaurin got a lofty Madden rating as a result of his exceptional efforts.
Terry McLaurin
Terry McLaurin / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Commanders wide receiver Terry McLaurin's impressive Madden rating finally gives him deserved recognition among the NFL's elite.

Nobody that follows the Washington Commanders closely doesn't ever underestimate Terry McLaurin's importance. The wide receiver has long been regarded as one of the team's most prolific figures, which is matched by increasing leadership within the locker room to further enhance his influence.

Compared to others at the position around the NFL, the former third-round pick out of Ohio State doesn't get the recognition he deserves. Especially considering his outstanding numbers have come with almost no consistency at the quarterback position since joining the Commanders in 2017.

McLaurin and the Commanders will be hoping Sam Howell can provide some much-needed stability to the spot. The presence of Eric Bieniemy calling plays is another interesting dynamic that could propel the wideout to even greater heights as Washington's focal point in the passing game.

Commanders WR Terry McLaurin given 92 Madden rating

The player managed to get a big confidence boost courtesy of his Madden rating. McLaurin was given an eye-catching 92 overall, which put him at No. 8 among wide receivers behind top dog Justin Jefferson - the latest member to join the 99 Club.

This places McLaurin firmly among the NFL's elite pass-catchers. It's been a long time coming, but few that have followed his career closely would say this newfound recognition isn't extremely well deserved.

Looking at reactions to various Madden ratings from those who feel slighted, it matters to the players. Gaming has been a huge part of the fan experience for years - something that's only grown thanks to online features - and NFL stars are keen to be front and center for maximum exposure.

The thing about McLaurin is there's every chance he's only going to get better moving forward. Much will depend on how his new signal-caller adjusts to increased responsibilities and if the offensive line can make improvements, but Bieniemy will know exactly how to put his No. 1 guy in the best positions to thrive.

Bieneimy is asking a lot of McLaurin heading into his first season running an NFL offense. Based on the receiver's comments via Sports Illustrated, it's something he's more than ready for.

"Him and I have built a really good relationship. I know he's leaning on me to be a leader, set the tone not only with my play on the field but my voice [as well]. He's helped me even take my game up a little level in the fact that just expecting that excellent each and every play…Ain't nothing just good enough with EB…When you have a coach that's preaching that every single day, every single rep, you're either going to get with it or get lost."

Terry McLaurin via Sports Illustrated

Being pushed is only going to serve McLaurin and the Commanders well during a critical campaign in 2023 - the first with new owners watching every move intently. Standards slipped in terms of preparation and execution on offense in recent years, which makes McLaurin's numbers all the more remarkable all things considered.

And who knows, if Bieniemy and Howell have the desired effect and McLaurin flourishes further, there could be even more to celebrate when the Madden ratings are released this time next year.