Has Jonathan Allen set his Commanders exit strategy in motion?

The defensive tackle has been thinking about leaving the Commanders...

Jonathan Allen
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Veteran defensive tackle Jonathan Allen revealed he's thought about leaving the Washington Commanders, which sets his potential exit strategy in motion.

Jonathan Allen hasn't been shy in airing out his frustrations this season. But for the first time, the Washington Commanders defensive tackle said a move away might be the best possible solution for all parties.

When speaking to Grant Paulsen on 106.7 The Fan after Washington's demoralizing defeat against the Miami Dolphins, Allen declared he'd thought about moving away. This is thanks in no small part to his desire to finally become part of a winning organization.

"1000%. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t. I play this game to win and I would love to win here for sure but I want to win first and foremost. So that’s always going to be at the front and center of my mind and everything I’m going to be doing in my career is going to make sure I’ll have an opportunity to win."

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Could the Commanders trade Jonathan Allen?

Ron Rivera - who'll likely be looking for alternative employment at the end of 2023 - freely admitted during his post-game media availability that the Commanders are light years behind the likes of Miami and the Dallas Cowboys, who also put up 40-plus points during a Thanksgiving afternoon massacre. It's not going unnoticed by Allen either, whose comments are akin to someone planning their exit strategy this offseason.

Allen's taken a step back performance-wise this season. He isn't alone in that regard, but whether the Commanders would consider trading the two-time Pro Bowler when they've already dealt Chase Young and Montez Sweat is debatable.

Big changes are coming to the Commanders once their 2023 engagements conclude. The coaching staff and front office will get a complete revamp as part of Josh Harris' plans to take the franchise forward, with many current players also likely to be made surplus to requirements at some stage.

There are very few foundational pieces to build around. One could argue Allen is in this category, but the Commanders have already proven willing to part ways with veterans if the price is right.

If this is something the Commanders genuinely contemplate, there are also financial ramifications to consider where the former first-round pick out of Alabama is concerned. Trading Allen before June 1 comes with $12 million in dead money and $9.5 million in savings, which is a substantial amount to concede.

Trading the lineman after June 1 looks more appealing. The dead money stands at just $6 million according to Over the Cap, which would give the new regime an extra $15.5 million to spend elsewhere.

The queue of suitors would be huge if the Commanders began fielding calls for Allen. He's a proven performer and one of the best defensive tackles around when firing on all cylinders, but the compensation must be right for Washington to even consider this notion.

Maybe a high-end Day 2 pick could get the job done. Allen is entering his prime, so a potential first-rounder cannot be completely dismissed if there ends up being a bidding war.

Perhaps a new coaching staff and fresher energy could be enough to galvanize Allen. Looking at how things are unfolding this season, turning the Commanders into a contender won't be a quick fix.

If Allen sees his future elsewhere, then the Commanders might be willing to facilitate a trade. Just another fascinating element to what will be a dramatic offseason.