Commanders News: Ron Rivera, Terry McLaurin, Jonathan Allen and Tyreek Hill

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Ron Rivera
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Jonathan Allen's downtrodden demeanor

As previously mentioned, it was another afternoon to forget defensively. This unit had no answer for the Miami Dolphins, who had their way from start to finish and put up 45 points during Ron Rivera's first game calling the shots.

This was completely unacceptable. The body language and effort are the most concerning elements of all - a sign that the players have downed tools with just four games remaining.

When discussing another woeful showing, defensive tackle Jonathan Allen - who didn't exactly cover himself in glory again - was his usual blunt self when assessing the current state of affairs based on comments via X/Twitter

"It’s what you would expect. Wasn’t a very good defense. Can’t stop the run, can’t stop the pass. I'm tired of trying to build character. My character has been built up enough. I'm trying to win."

Jonathan Allen via X/Twitter

Allen has cut a forlorn figure throughout the season. His production is on the slide and his teammates aren't doing enough either, which is a dangerous combination with so many big changes on the immediate horizon.

What that means for Allen's future remains to be seen. With the need for a complete rebuild, nothing can be dismissed entirely despite some significant financial ramifications attached to a potential trade.