Rave reviews keep coming for Commanders 'impactful' draft class

Things are looking up at long last...
Josh Harris, Dan Quinn, and Adam Peters
Josh Harris, Dan Quinn, and Adam Peters / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Things couldn't have gone much better for Adam Peters during the 2024 NFL Draft. The Washington Commanders were armed with a bounty of high-end capital to utilize, which he accomplished effectively by sticking to his board and striking when opportunities arose regardless of need.

Peters received prolonged adulation once the college selection process concluded. Those chosen still need to prove they belong at the next level, but the focus on athleticism and leadership qualities became evident throughout what will hopefully become a draft class that can spearhead a more prosperous era in the nation's capital.

Commanders draft class tipped to make instant impact

Chris Trapasso from CBS Sports went one step further, ranking the Commanders at No. 1 in his list of draft classes capable of making an instant impact. In particular, the analyst highlighted Peters' first five selections as potential difference-makers from the moment they step onto the field in a competitive setting.

"Those first five picks by GM Adam Peters were sensational. Denzel Washington Man On Fire type stuff from the Commanders new GM. [Jayden] Daniels has all the dynamic skills to be that new-age, dual-threat passer that terrifies defenses underneath, at the intermediate level, downfield, and yeah, with his legs. If [Johnny] Newton was able to work out before the draft, no way he's available in Round 1. He can be a 50-plus pressure defensive tackle as a rookie. [Mike] Sainristil can be the annoying nickel corner who tackles like a champ, blitzes off the corner, and sticks to slot receivers underneath, and [Ben] Sinnott legitimately has Sam LaPorta-esque athleticism and powerful YAC skills. [Luke] McCaffrey will probably make the least impact of this bunch, but his diverse route-running skills will likely help him get on the field and earn targets sooner rather than later."

History dictates that not every pick is going to work out. There is no exact science to the process, but Peters has proven capable of identifying the right talent from his time working in successful front offices around the NFL before landing the top job in Washington.

This provides a level of confidence that he's got some gems from this latest crop of college recruits. Getting them up to speed is a task for head coach Dan Quinn and his outstanding staff team. It starts with rookie minicamp and is set to gather pace once the entire roster comes together in the not-too-distant future.

Some will wilt under the pressure. Others will thrive. That's just the way it goes more often than not. This is why Peters emphasized experience, inner fortitude, and high character just as much as their production levels between the white lines throughout his comprehensive pre-draft assessments.

If Jayden Daniels shows signs of becoming the Commanders' franchise quarterback, Johnny Newton reaches his projected billing, Mike Sainristil upgrades the slot cornerback position, and Ben Sinnott and Luke McCaffrey flash long-term promise, it'll be the best-case scenario. Something that will only raise expectations further about what Peters might be able to accomplish in the coming years.

After years of dejection, pessimism, and everything negative in between, there is hope for Commanders fans at long last.