Would outgoing Commanders owner Dan Snyder consider a second NFL act?

Dan Snyder
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Would outgoing Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder consider a second NFL act elsewhere once the dust settles on his turbulent reign?

Nobody will be thinking or caring about Dan Snyder when the Washington Commanders fall into new ownership on July 20. A long, often arduous process will come to a successful conclusion once NFL owners approve the record-breaking $6.05 billion transaction to remove the outgoing owner from the equation after more than two decades of complete misery.

Snyder came into the organization with ambition after securing the team he followed as a child for $800 million. Although he's walking away with a hefty profit despite little in the way of success or investment, his tenure will be forever perceived among the worst in North American sports history.

A new optimism has enveloped the Commanders thanks to the desire of Josh Harris' group to pick this once-storied team off the canvas and back among the NFL powerhouses. This is going to take time given the mess they're inheriting, but the plan for sustainable growth has been laid out and eventually received the finance committee's approval along the way.

The jubilant scenes across D.C. and beyond once the vote news breaks in a little less than a fortnight will be full of relief, hope, and joy in equal measure. And even for someone with the brass neck of Snyder, an end to this ongoing saga is probably welcome.

Could Dan Snyder plot redemption elsewere after Commanders sale?

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk recently speculated about what might come next for Snyder - a man whose net worth of $4.9 billion according to Forbes will more than double once the Commanders' sale money hits his bank account. While many believe he'll ride off into the sunset and live a life of a recluse, the writer wondered whether or not he'd contemplate a second act - one that would represent redemption - somewhere else.

"He’s getting $6.05 billion. What’s he going to do with it? What’s he going to do with his time? Will he simply fade? Or will he seek ongoing relevance in some sort of significant — and public — venture? His current legacy is not a good one. He might want to attempt a second act of some sort. Or he might be content to float on his superyacht and enjoy his remaining years. Regardless, there’s a chance he will be forgotten but not gone. It will be interesting to see whether he simply goes away, or whether he tries to find a way to hang around. Even if the vast majority of NFL fans would prefer that he disappear for good."

Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk

Even if he was planning something like this once the dust settles on his time in Washington, the scandal that's followed him around in recent years means he could be black-balled from ever owning a sports team again. And as for the NFL, there's more chance of Jimmy Hoffa being found than Snyder getting another team.

One also has to wonder just how much Snyder actually cares about his tarnished reputation. He might have been ostracised by the league, but the billionaire also felt aggrieved to be treated in such a way - seemingly oblivious to all going on around the Commanders.

What Snyder does or doesn't do won't matter to fans. They've been disenchanted and emotionally scarred following almost 25 years of inept ownership, concerning revelations, no new stadium proposals, and everything in between, so kissing their soon-to-be previous owner goodbye will be a satisfying feeling.

And hopefully, that's the last we'll ever see or hear of the Synders.