How Magic Johnson can inspire the Commanders to greatness in 2023

The magic man continues to increase his influence within the Commanders.

Magic Johnson
Magic Johnson / Tasos Katopodis/GettyImages

How can minority ownership stakeholder Magic Johnson inspire the Washington Commanders to potential greatness during the 2023 season?

While Josh Harris and others have more money invested in the ownership group that bought the Washington Commanders for a record-breaking $6.05 billion, Magic Johnson is the recognizable figurehead. Someone who holds a tremendous amount of weight in the sporting world after every single basketball accomplishment imaginable.

Johnson carried this success into the business and ownership scene, too. Everything he touches seemingly turns to gold and as the Pro Basketball Hall of Famer stated during his introductory presser earlier this year, all he knows is winning.

That word has been a foreign concept to the Commanders over recent years. The franchise descended into the proverbial abyss throughout Dan Snyder's tenure, which was down to no real investment in infrastructure and some of the worst roster-building concepts the league's ever seen.

Thankfully, that's a thing of the past. Johnson, Harris, and others are going to do everything they can to help things progress on the field, which was evident by their presence at practice on Wednesday during Washington's first competitive game week of the 2023 campaign.

Commanders can benefit greatly from Magic Johnson's presence

Johnson also took time out of his busy schedule to speak in front of the players and converse individually with some influential figures who'll be integral to the team's success this weekend and beyond. One such individual was quarterback Sam Howell, who clearly relished the experience of gaining advice from one of the greatest icons in sport based on his comments via The Bleacher Report.

"It was awesome, man, just to be able to hear what he had to say and be able to ask him questions at the end and pick his brain. He's been through so many different teams and not only as a player but as an owner and won so many championships on both sides of it."

Sam Howell via The Bleacher Report

Imagine being a player and having the benefit of Earvin 'Magic' Johnson's ear. Even the most established star is in awe of the great man and even though Ron Rivera might be saying the same things, it probably hits home more coming from a different source.

If Rivera and the Commanders had any sense, they would make this a regular occurrence. Having Johnson speak and inspire a talented group of players through the good times or the bad could be invaluable during the season - something that could make a huge difference between success and failure along the way.

Of course, it'll take more than a few choice words from Johnson to get the Commanders into contention. But it's a luxury every other NFL team doesn't have.

Johnson demands accountability and excellence from himself and no doubt everyone who is part of the Commanders' grand plans moving forward. Some won't meet expectations and will be removed from the equation, but his mere presence could be enough to keep the urgency to impress extremely high no matter the situation.

Harris and Johnson will be watching every move closely, learning how things work, before coming to some important decisions about the franchise's future. The energy is at levels not seen for decades, but that will count for nothing if momentum doesn't continue to build over the opening few weeks of 2023.