How Magic Johnson can play pivotal role in Commanders new era

(Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports) Magic Johnson
(Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports) Magic Johnson /

How can Magic Johnson play a pivotal role as part of the ownership group set to purchase the Washington Commanders from Dan Snyder?

Excitement is growing with every passing day about the Washington Commanders falling under new ownership. Dan Snyder and Josh Harris have officially sent papers relating to their $6.05 billion agreement over to the NFL ahead of a tentative agreement, which will be swiftly followed by a formal vote among other owners to officially begin an exciting new era.

This is the news fans have waited for. The chance for a fresh start without Snyder’s dark cloud hindering progress on and off the field.

Many important decisions are on the immediate horizon for Harris and his group. This also includes Mitchell Rales and one of the most recognizable faces in sports culture across the United States of America.

Magic Johnson has an important role in Commanders’ ownership group

Magic Johnson was a relatively late arrival to the group. But it came at an important time given the upheaval surrounding Snyder as he clung to power.

The Pro Basketball Hall of Famer brings energy, a familiar face, and an infectious smile to the group. However, there is much more to Johnson than meets the eye when examining his credentials as one of the figureheads within such an ambitious project.

It’s been a long time since Johnson retired from the court. Since then, he’s been highly successful in the business world, accumulating vast wealth and helping the likes of Shaquille O’Neal become global marketing megastars along the way.

Not only this, but Johnson also has experience operating successful sports franchises. He was the primary reason why the Los Angeles Lakers were able to acquire LeBron James, and that’s without acknowledging his sterling work with the Los Angeles Dodgers, where he won a World Series championship as co-owner.

Harris and Rales are the moneymen, but Johnson’s role is a vital one. He’ll be the spokesperson of sorts, helping smooth the transition from Snyder’s reign of terror and providing a sense of assurance that fans and the widespread media need.

Accomplishments seem to follow Johnson wherever he goes. This is exactly the sort of man Harris and Rales needed for extra creditability – someone with exceptional credentials that has the charisma to get everyone associated with the Commanders on the same page quickly.

That’s not to say Johnson cannot be ruthless when the situation dictates. Don’t let the beaming smile fool you in that regard.

Johnson became part of this ownership group because he sees the opportunity. Taking this storied franchise back among the NFL powerhouses would bring significant financial rewards for all involved – making it easier for the team itself to become a consistent challenger on the field for good measure.

This is a time for hope. For wonder. For every Commanders fan to look forward with optimism rather than despair.

Having Johnson on board only heightens the sense of belief that this ownership group is exactly what the Commanders need. And based on Magic’s previous history, it shouldn’t take long for positivity to become commonplace once the sale gets formal league approval.

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