Josh Harris eager to get 'boots on the ground' for Commanders training camp

The new ownership group is looking to make an immediate impact.
Josh Harris
Josh Harris / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Josh Harris ownership group reportedly wants a quick resolution to the sale approval in order to get "boots on the ground" for Washington Commanders training camp.

The monumental moment almost every Washington Commanders fan has been waiting for is almost upon us. Josh Harris' group is making the final alterations needed before their $6.05 billion franchise purchase goes before other NFL owners for approval, which would formally signal the end of Dan Snyder's tenure once and for all.

It's an exciting time for the fanbase, who've become disenchanted and gone through more turmoil than most. For head coach Ron Rivera and other leading figures within the organization, the sale increases pressure to get things going in a positive direction next season.

Of course, their visions have to match if the new relationship stands any chance of moving forward beyond 2023. Rivera must handle the transition better this time around given how things unfolded on the Carolina Panthers, but one would anticipate anything less than playoff football could see Harris and his team of investors go in a different direction.

Josh Harris wants 'boots on the ground' at Commanders training camp

Communication is restricted between Harris and Rivera until the transaction gets rubber-stamped. Team president Jason Wright is probably acting as the middle man right now, but that won't be the case for much longer with July 20 or August 8 dates set aside for the vote recently.

When discussing the sale and a recent meeting between Harris, Mitchell Rales, and the NFL's finance committee, Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports stated that July 20 would be the preferred voting date for the group, who want to get boots on the ground during the team's upcoming training camp in Ashburn.

"The bid needed some "largely minor" tweaks to neatly comply with the NFL's complex financing rules. The bid can very likely be agreed to by July 20, but it's the middle of the summer where 30-plus owners may not be able to get to one central location on that exact date. I'd imagine the Harris group would love this to be done by then so they can finally get their hands on the Commanders. The group has really only been able to communicate with team president Jason Wright due to league rules. To get this approved before training camp would allow new ownership to be present with boots on the ground for the start of camp."

Jonathan Jones, CBS Sports

While the presence of Harris or someone like Magic Johnson might be seen as a distraction from Rivera's point of view, they'll want to see how their substantial investment is shaping up heading into the new season. This will also allow for initial discussions about Washington's future with the head coach and other influential team personnel.

This might also make the Commanders more attractive to HBO's Hard Knocks, even if there does appear to be some reluctance from eligible teams regarding participation this summer. But how the company would handle Snyder's departure when investigations are still ongoing is a complication they probably don't need.

What cannot be disputed is how keen Harris' group is to get on with things and begin turning this once-proud franchise around. Providing the timing aspect of the sale approval goes according to plan, expect Harris to be front and center throughout camp as he looks to make his presence felt immediately.

Just how much this moves the needle is anyone's guess. But based on history, Rivera will focus on football and not much else.