Has Commanders sale approval officially reached the endgame?

Josh Harris
Josh Harris / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

After what seems like an age, the Washington Commanders sale approal to Josh Harris' group looks to be finally reaching the endgame at last.

There seems to be a fierce desire to remove Dan Snyder completely from the NFL equation. Something that stems from more than two decades of mismanagement and scandal that's taken the Washington Commanders from a league powerhouse to a proverbial laughing stock.

Thankfully, this is almost at an end. Snyder has seemingly washed his hands of the Commanders after accepting a $6.05 billion offer from the ownership group led by Josh Harris, which is stacked with wealthy figures and experience both in the business world and when it comes to running sports franchises.

Although this is bringing about untold excitement among the fans, it's yet to be approved by other league owners. There were some concerns about how the financial aspect was structured, but influential figures such as Jerry Jones, Jim Irsay, and Roger Goodell all highlighted their confidence in the transaction during the spring meetings recently.

Commanders sale now at the '90 percent' stage

According to a recent report from The Washington Post, the sale could take another major leap forward this week. Harris is scheduled to meet with the NFL's finance committee and is willing to make the alterations needed to get everything rubber-stamped once and for all.

A source with knowledge of how things were progressing stated to the Washington Post via the New York Post that nothing was confirmed yet. However, the process is almost at the finishing line if everything goes well between Harris and the committee during their landmark meeting.

"It’s not done yet. It’s not concluded. But it’s headed in that direction. It’s in that 90-percent-plus range now. It’s not definitely done. But now there’s every reason to believe it will get done. Josh Harris has made the personal commitment to getting it done."

Unnamed source via New York Post

If the necessary changes to documentation are made and agreed upon, then a formal vote of approval won't be far behind. Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated stated recently that this should take place in July or August, well in time for the upcoming 2023 campaign.

This could officially start the new era in Washington and the atmosphere at FedEx Field would be nothing short of electric when the Commanders take on the Arizona Cardinals in Week 1. Something that's been sorely lacking in recent years as attendances dwindled and disenchantment grew among a fanbase that's been put through more than most.

Now there is hope. A firm belief that the Commanders can emerge from under a dark cloud and prosper once again.

It won't happen overnight and there is a lot of hard work coupled with tough decisions ahead. But to have everyone pulling in the same direction with a common goal in mind will be a refreshing change of pace.

Harris and his team of investors know full well how profitable the Commanders could become if they begin thriving on the field. The new owners will be watching closely during a make-or-break campaign for Ron Rivera in 2023, which will be swiftly followed by wholesale changes across the board if things don't go according to plan.

That's for the future. For now, it's time for Commanders fans to put the champagne on ice.