Insider won't rule out one last Dan Snyder power play before Commanders sale

Could outgoing Commanders owner Dan Snyder have one last card to play?
Dan Snyder
Dan Snyder / Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

An NFL reporter believes that Dan Snyder might have one final power play up his sleeve before relinquishing control of the Washington Commanders.

Despite reports stating there could be a delay in the Washington Commanders' sale vote, A.J. Perez of Front Office Sports provided some hope that everything should proceed as expected. This would officially remove Dan Snyder on July 20 and usher in the Josh Harris group's exciting new era.

Snyder and the NFL are not on the best of terms and haven't been for some time. This stems from decades of franchise mismanagement, the recent scandals, and the alleged email leaks that got Jon Gruden fired by the Las Vegas Raiders.

While nothing has been admitted one way or another, almost everyone believes the leaks came from Snyder. This was done with a view to taking the heat off his own complications and backfired miserably all things considered.

According to Nicki Jhabvala and Mark Maske from The Washington Post, Snyder's refusal to indemnify Roger Goodell and Jeff Pash from any future ramifications relating to Gruden's emails could be the major stumbling block. The billionaire is also facing action and probably wants guarantees of his own before riding off into the sunset with $6.05 billion in his pocket.

This was a topic discussed recently by Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, who didn't rule out the possibility of Snyder attempting one final power play to save his own skin and place Goodell firmly under the microscope via USA Today Sports.

"Daniel Snyder is leaving; he wants to leave it all behind him. He doesn’t want to be responsible for any liabilities that may arise in the future. I overlooked a very important issue of how the NFL and Daniel Snyder will handle the potential for liability arising from the actions of one or the other. Snyder presumably wants indemnification for anything that could stick to him in this Gruden email case. The league may want indemnification for Dan Snyder for anything that could stick to them, caused by him. It is possible that both sides have civil liability to Jon Gruden by the time this is all said and done."

Mike Florio via USA Today Sports

It sounds like something Snyder would do looking at how he's conducted himself in recent years. However, maybe the outgoing owner should think twice considering the money at stake.

There is no saving Snyder's legacy no matter what comes from the Gruden email leaks saga. His reign of complete incompetence hurt so many people and disenchanted an entire fanbase thanks to having no clear plan for progress, cutting corners constantly, and overseeing a toxic workplace culture that ended up becoming the final nail in his coffin.

And yet, Snyder still feels like the victim. This is a man devoid of accountability and is vindictive enough to make everyone sweat right until the last minute, even if it means risking generational wealth.

All Commanders fans want is this man-child removed and to look forward with a sense of optimism. Something Harris and his group of wealthy benefactors undoubtedly represent given their business success and experience running sports franchises.

Things should become clearer in the coming days before the all-important July 20 date arrives. But even though Florio thought otherwise, this could be a lot of smoke from Snyder with very little substance attached.