Commanders sale vote update brings fresh optimism amid Dan Snyder controversy

It seems Dan Snyder's final power play has backfired.

Josh Harris
Josh Harris / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

A recent update regarding the Washington Commanders sale brings fresh optimism that everything can proceed according to plan.

One could have forgiven Washington Commanders fans around the world for feeling anxious as more revelations emerged regarding outgoing owner Dan Snyder this week. While that's water off a duck's back given what's transpired in recent years, the fact it threatened to jeopardize the upcoming sale vote among other NFL owners on July 20 wasn't the development anyone wanted to hear with one week remaining until the big day.

Nicki Jhabvala and Mark Maske from The Washington Post reported Snyder's reluctance to approve any indemnification for Roger Goodell and Jeff Pash relating to the Jon Gruden email leaks could push things back unless something is worked out. Of course, it's no secret who was behind them, which was a deflection technique that backfired in the biggest way imaginable.

Snyder is a stubborn man-child, but $6.05 billion is a lot to jeopardize when it's all said and done. Something that would make it a gamble of epic proportions just to prove his point and feel like he's getting one over on the league.

Commanders sale vote should proceed as expected

Despite the obvious worry - especially coming from two of the most respected Commanders reporters in the business - some good news emerged courtesy of A.J. Perez from Front Office Sports. Another whose been at the forefront of this story revealed via sources that any complications should be resolved in time for everything to proceed as anticipated on July 20.

"Despite the rumblings, two sources with knowledge of the situation told Front Office Sports that any issues are expected to be resolved ahead of next Thursday’s vote. An NFL spokesperson declined comment. It’s been widely expected that when the sale goes to an official vote, Harris will have no problem surpassing the 24-vote threshold needed for approval. The Commanders sale process has seen its fair share of twists and turns — but by this time next week, everything should be history, and the Commanders can move forward under Harris."

A.J. Perez, Front Office Sports

This could have been one final ploy from Snyder to make Goodell and others sweat before making concessions. While he achieved this objective to a certain extent, the disgraced figure is probably looking forward to disassociating himself with the NFL after such a turbulent time.

As always, nothing can be ruled out entirely where Snyder is concerned. He could decide to dig in his heels and drag this ongoing saga out a while longer - even though Tanya Snyder might have something to say about risking generational wealth just to save face.

Perez has earned enough trust from his reporting to take him at face value. If he's getting information from sources that everything will work out satisfactorily, that should be good enough for most Commanders fans given how he's approached things with comprehension and integrity during all the rumors and speculation.

Unless something more concerning emerges, continue planning your parties and leaving the champagne on ice. For when the news breaks and Harris ' ambitious group become NFL owners at last, the celebrations will be wild and richly deserved.

And who knows, maybe Snyder will also breathe a sigh of relief. Not that anyone will care.