4 key takeaways from latest revelations surrounding Commanders owner Dan Snyder

Dan Snyder
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What are some key takeaways from the latest revelations surrounding outgoing Washington Commanders owner Dan Snyder?

Just when it looked like Dan Snyder was going to step into the shadows quietly, a whirlwind 24 hours brought more revelations surrounding the outgoing Washington Commanders owner. Something that could delay the team's sale approval from its original July 20 date.

Snyder is known for being stubborn and set in his ways. He's also a master manipulator and unable to hold himself accountable - which is a dangerous mix when one considers the elements in this particular equation.

For fans, this isn't ideal as they get set to usher in an exciting new era under an ambitious ownership group led by Josh Harris. But as always throughout his reign of terror spanning more than 24 years, Snyder is making things more difficult than they need to be.

There was a lot of information to take in, so here are three key takeaways from the latest revelations surrounding Snyder.

Commanders owner Dan Snyder played himself

A hugely informative piece from Don Vatta Jr. and Seth Wickersham from ESPN detailed Dan Snuyder's relationship with the NFL and how it began to disintegrate beyond repair after the Jon Gruden email leaks. While the culprit hasn't been named officially, the general consensus centers on the Washington Commanders owner pulling back the curtain and ending the head coach's tenure with the Las Vegas Raiders.

According to a source familiar with what transpired, this was a major error in judgment on Snyder's behalf. Had he stood pat and let his punishment play out without any backlash, the billionaire could have potentially weathered the storm and remained at the helm.

"He was free and clear that October -- he just had to wait out his suspension and let everything blow over. A major miscalculation. Without the leaks, he might just have survived."

Source close to Dan Snyder via ESPN

Not for the first time since assuming command of an NFL franchise, Snyder played himself. Thinking you're the smartest person in the room and being it are two different things - something he's found out to his cost.