Former teammate expects big things from Commanders QB Jayden Daniels

It could be a match made in heaven.
Jayden Daniels
Jayden Daniels / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Much was made about whether Jayden Daniels wanted to play for the Washington Commanders. Rumors about preferring to reunite with Antonio Pierce on the Las Vegas Raiders were rife among the national media, especially after his representatives put out some cryptic social media posts suggesting some disapproval of the client's collective 30-visit alongside other top quarterback prospects. But nothing else mattered but the opinion of Adam Peters and other influential figures.

It was all speculation without much substance attached. It didn't stop the Commanders from taking Daniels at No. 2 overall in the 2024 NFL Draft. It also didn't prevent jubilant scenes from the player and obvious intent to help get this historic franchise off the canvas and back among the contenders.

Daniels and the Commanders were probably relieved to get the ordeal over with. Both parties seem keen to focus on football once again and work in unison to achieve some common short and long-term goals. Both Dan Quinn and Peters seemed to indicate this was always their desired path unless something drastic came to the fore. This is all the confidence fans should need about the Heisman Trophy winner's credentials to spearhead this exciting new era.

Commanders and Jayden Daniels are a perfect match

One of Daniels' former college teammates was also a huge fan of this fit.

Running back Rachaad White, who plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and lined up alongside the signal-caller at Arizona State, stated on the Hear The Cannons podcast via Fan Nation that this was the best possible situation Daniels could walk into. One that can become the springboard to potential NFL superstardom if everything clicks.

"I like 'J5' to the Commanders. I was kind of saying that all off-season, man, that'd be a good spot for him. I see what they're doing. I see what they added and what they have built around him in the draft. I know a couple of guys already that was there. … Guys like (receiver) Jahan Dotson, (running back) Brian Robinson - B-Rob - and guys like that. … Got a lot of weapons, got two running backs in the backfield. … So I'd say that's a great spot for him man. … I know he's going to do his thing and man, he's so talented, and I was just so proud to see him go number two, bro."

There is a growing sense that this relationship between the Commanders and Daniels could be special. His athletic attributes seem tailor-made for the scheme Kliff Kingsbury plans to run. He's also got the sort of aura that other players naturally gravitate towards, leading by example and dragging his teammates over the hump in key moments.

The former LSU star is more than capable of picking up a team on his back when times are tough. Firmly establishing himself within an NFL locker room will be much more difficult, but Daniels has the mindset needed to take everything in his stride and let things evolve gradually rather than forcing the issue.

With the dust firmly settled on the draft, this pick looks better with every passing day. Daniels has everything to prove all over again, but it's a challenge the player's been readying himself for from the moment he picked up a football.

If White is correct in his assumption about Daniels' fit in Washington, there's just no telling what this marriage might be able to accomplish.