Could 'volatile' Commanders situation lead to Dan Quinn's demise?

Dan Quinn has a big challenge ahead in 2024.
Dan Quinn
Dan Quinn / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Dan Quinn is tasked with spearheading the Washington Commanders to better fortunes. The head coach seems to have everyone buying into his way of thinking over early workouts. He's brought fresh energy to practices and everyone is eager to impress. However, getting off to a positive start in 2024 is crucial.

Hopes are high that the Commanders can begin to push forward under their new regime. Nobody is expecting them to hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy at season's end, but establishing the correct culture and developing this new-look roster into a fundamentally sound operation should stand them in good stead.

Of course, it could go wrong.

Dan Quinn must overcome 'volatile' Commanders situation

ESPN analyst Mina Kimes recently proclaimed that Quinn could be one-and-done looking at his predicament and the fact he wasn't perceived as being Washington's first choice. Charles Mcdonald from Yahoo Sports is another who cast doubt on the coach's prospects, highlighting the potentially volatile situation in the nation's capital that could cause his demise.

"Look, Commanders fans might not like this thought but this is a volatile situation that Quinn is walking into. As stated in the introduction, it’s unlikely that any of these head coaches get fired during or immediately after Year 1, but there are some things working against Quinn, mainly that he wasn’t the first choice of the new ownership group that recently bought the Commanders. It was incredibly clear that the Commanders were all in on Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson before he decided to stay in Detroit. Quinn may end up being fine in the long run, but a rookie quarterback on a bad team with a shaky offensive coordinator (Kliff Kingsbury) isn't the most stable footing to be on. There’s a lot of room to improve from the Commanders’ 4-13 record from a season ago so Quinn may not have to jump too high to impress people."

Charles Mcdonald, Yahoo Sports

While nothing can be completely dismissed where the NFL is concerned, it would be a shock to see Quinn removed from the equation when this ambitious project is still in its infancy. Adam Peters' instant chemistry with the head coach and Josh Harris' typically patient approach indicate he'll get some time to turn this sinking ship around.

Quinn is an intelligent man. He'll know the repercussions if the Commanders go through severe complications in 2024. At the very least, this scenario would evaporate the newfound optimism among the fanbase and leave his seat scolding hot heading into the 2025 season.

It's something he'll be aware of. Quinn experienced something similar when he was first as Atlanta Falcons head coach. Putting this to good use and ensuring the Commanders get on the right track is going to be a core component behind any success that comes their way.

After so much turmoil over the last two decades, the Commanders need stability more than ever. Firing the head coach after one season sends out the wrong message. Quinn needs time, but he must also prove he's the correct person for the job by showing some signs of life when competitive action resumes.

The Commanders are confident in Quinn's capabilities. Whether they wanted Ben Johnson or not, the former Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator was always high on their shortlist.

Peters believes he's the sort of leader this franchise needs at an important time. Now, the onus is on Quinn to repay the faith shown in him by others in positions of power and finally get the Commanders on the path to prosperity once again.