Analyst turns up the pressure cooker on Commanders HC Dan Quinn

Could Dan Quinn be one and done in Washington?
Dan Quinn
Dan Quinn / Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

There is a lot of positivity surrounding the Washington Commanders right now.

Dan Snyder is a distant memory. Josh Harris' ownership group is enhancing everything behind the scenes. Adam Peters has undergone a significant roster revamp that's increased optimism around what could be ahead. Dan Quinn and his staff seem to have re-energized practices and become more approachable than Ron Rivera ever was.

All signs are pointing up at long last.

That said, there are still grave concerns that cannot be dismissed. Quinn must mesh a plethora of new faces together in pursuit of becoming a cohesive unit. Some position groups look flawed unless certain players vastly outperform expectancy levels. The Commanders also reside in a competitive division, so the challenges are there for all to see.

ESPN analyst believes Commanders could fire Dan Quinn

Quinn is looking to maximize his second head coaching opportunity. Those holding influential positions were always higher on the former Dallas Cowboys defensive coordinator than most fans. He was a top target throughout their search and became the guy once Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson ruled himself out of the running.

While he's off to a good start, one analyst believes his time with the Commanders could be short-lived. Mina Kimes of ESPN stated she wouldn't be surprised if Quinn was fired after one season. She also highlighted potential complications surrounding the protection in front of quarterback Jayden Daniels as another reason for pessimism.

"Dan Quinn did not make my top five (list), but he could. If there is one coaching hire who might be one and done, it would be him. I cannot believe he was their first choice. I am very nervous about the situation Jayden Daniels is walking into behind that offensive line. And if it looks bad, to me, new ownership, I could see him (Quinn) getting the axe."

Mina Kimes via USA Today Sports

This is the sort of hair-trigger move associated with the previous owner. Quinn would have to endure a pretty rough campaign for the Commanders to dispose of his services after just one season. Any improvements will be seen as a positive, especially considering Peters has developed a close relationship with the coach and is working with the long-term in mind.

Throwing a wrench into this so soon after Quinn's hire just doesn't seem smart. If the Commanders achieve anywhere from 1-to-3 wins next season, it's a different story. Looking at the roster, it would be a disaster of epic proportions if this scenario came to fruition.

Quinn is widely respected around the league and the Commanders have complete confidence in his ability to lead from the front. He's formed an accomplished staff team capable of achieving short and long-term objectives. However, the Commanders are a hot destination once again, so there's just no telling which coaches are looking at the nation's capital as a project they want to spearhead moving forward.

Every coach is under pressure to produce. Owners are also becoming increasingly impatient. Firings after one season are becoming more prevalent, but Harris' actions with other sports franchises suggest removing the head coach after one year is a non-starter unless things turn completely sour.

Hopes are high that Quinn can take the Commanders where they want to go. Kimes' comments turn up the pressure cooker, but it's nothing the experienced figure hasn't dealt with before.

He has to make this work. Otherwise, Quinn can kiss goodbye to his chances of ever being an NFL head coach again.