Commanders News: Sam Howell, Josh Harris, Ron Rivera and CB changes

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Ron Rivera
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Sam Howell's remaining goals

The Washington Commanders might have been accused of going through the motions by recently traded defensive end Montez Sweat in recent days, but that does not apply to Sam Howell. With his prospects still up in the air beyond 2023 as new staff get set to enter the fray, it's vital the quarterback ends on a high in pursuit of being under center next season.

Howell's made a strong case up to now. It hasn't been all positive, but that was to be expected from a player navigating his first season as an NFL starting signal-caller.

When discussing his remaining goals, Howell highlighted the need to be more consistent and to improve his decision-making based on comments via Sports Illustrated. He's grown in both categories throughout the campaign. Hopefully, there's even more to come over the next four contests.

"I want to make better decisions. I just want to be really, really consistent. I think I've done some really good things this year (and) I just need to do it at a more consistent rate. So I think that's my goal to go into these last four games and be really consistent and make plays and just play winning football. We still have a lot to play for and still four games left."

Sam Howell via Sports Illustrated

The Commanders need to rally around Howell and give him a fighting chance. After the effort the former fifth-round pick out of North Carolina has put in this season, it's the least he deserves.