Commanders News: Sam Howell, Josh Harris, Ron Rivera and CB changes

Examining the latest Commanders news and rumors from around the media.

Ron Rivera
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Josh Harris' positive influence on Commanders

Josh Harris' ownership group is looking to implement significant changes across the Washington Commanders after buying the franchise for $6.05 billion shortly before training camp. Some have already occurred. Many more will be revealed once the team's regular season engagements come to an end in 2023.

This is all part of their grand plan to get the Commanders out of the proverbial NFL slums and into contention. It'll take time, but laying the foundations should be an attainable objective throughout one of the most important upcoming offseasons in franchise history.

According to a respected NFL agent speaking under anonymity to Nicki Jhabvala from the Washington Post, they believe the pending openings within the Commanders - both front office and coaching - could be the league's most attractive now that Dan Snyder is no longer overseeing matters based on comments via USA Today Sports.

"From an outside perspective, Washington is the best job now that Dan Snyder doesn’t own it."

NFL agent via USA Today Sports

This is good news and should also reap rewards when the time to attract free agents arrives. For Harris and his wealthy team of benefactors, picking the right staff - a group that works cohesively as part of an analytics-based approach with more corroboration than ever before - is the most critical part of this complex equation.