Commanders News: Sam Howell, Jonathan Allen, Emmanuel Forbes and Ron Rivera

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Ron Rivera
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Commanders QB Sam Howell's growth

It wasn't the gunslinging 300-yard passing performance fans have become accustomed to seeing where Sam Howell is concerned in Week 6, but it didn't need to be. The second-year quarterback was efficient, protected the football, and did just enough to get the Washington Commanders over the finish line.

This showed Howell can win in more ways than one. One key flaw remains and the former fifth-round selection is taking too many hits as a result, but avoiding any turnovers was the critical factor given how Desmond Ridder was dishing out interceptions to ultimately condemn the Atlanta Falcons to defeat.

When discussing Howell's performance, Ron Rivera stated via Sports Illustrated his decision-making - even in the face of extreme pressure - was the most pleasing aspect of his production.

"I thought Sam [Howell] was very efficient. That's probably the best way to put the way he played. His decision-making was for the most part, really good. There was a couple times, obviously I'd like to see him get the ball out his hands a little bit quicker and not take the hits or sacks that he did. I think, again, protecting the football and making the decisions that he did. I thought he handled those very well."

Ron Rivera via Sports Illustrated

It's been an outstanding start to Howell's time as the team's starting signal-caller. If he can lead this team to victory at the New York Giants, it'll be the biggest sign yet that the Commanders have found their guy under center at long last.