4 major observations from Sam Howell's performance at the Falcons in Week 6

How did QB1 fare at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium?
Sam Howell
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What were some major observations from Washington Commanders quarterback Sam Howell's performance at the Atlanta Falcons in Week 6?

Even though the Washington Commanders were going through some turmoil heading into Week 6 at the Atlanta Falcons, quarterback Sam Howell continues to gain confidence in pursuit of becoming the team's long-term quarterback. His growth has been an undoubted bright spot through five weeks, with further improvements anticipated once the signal-caller gains additional experience.

Howell needs more help from elsewhere - especially on the defensive side - but fans are encouraged by what they've seen overall. Something the former fifth-round selection was hoping to continue versus a Falcons defense blessed with difference-makers at all three levels.

As it turned out, Howell and the Commanders did just enough to get one over on the NFC South outfit for a priceless road triumph.

With this in mind, here are four major observations from Howell's performance at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Sam Howell's one flaw

If there was one complication surrounding Sam Howell since he became the Washington Commaders' starting quarterback, it's his inability to recognize pressure quickly enough. For some reason, the signal-caller is intent on holding onto the football for too long, which is an experience issue and something that's piling unnecessary pressure on the offensive line for good measure.

Once Howell figures this out, it's all systems go. But the North Carolina product cannot continue to make life more difficult for himself - especially considering the level of punishment he's received through six weeks.

Otherwise, he might not last the season.

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