Commanders News: Sam Howell, Jonathan Allen, Emmanuel Forbes and Ron Rivera

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Ron Rivera
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Commanders CB Emmanuel Forbes' resilience

Benching first-round cornerback Emmanuel Forbes was a necessary evil for the Washington Commanders. There is not enough confidence in the defensive back to put him up against the league's best wide receivers after a rough start to his NFL career, which was the correct move considering the high stakes involved following three-straight losses.

When talking about what comes next for Forbes, head coach Ron Rivera stated via USA Today Sports that the high expectations surrounding the Mississippi State product remain. He also commended the player for his reaction to what was obviously disappointing news.

"I think he’s been great. He really has. He and I had a conversation last week as to what was going on. Just explained to him that we feel right now a little time down would help you. Good chance to kind of take a step back and watch it and see how things are done, see a little different perspective. Again, he’s been really good so far, and I expect him to continue. He’s a young pro who’s got a lot to learn and a lot of growth to have, but he’s got a chance. We really think this young man has got a great skill set and can be a good football player. This might take a little bit more time."

Ron Rivera via USA Today Sports

Forbes should treat this as a reality check and learning experience. That's the only way he can come out on the other side positively in pursuit of silencing some increasing doubters.