Commanders News: Sale vote, Josh Harris, Dan Snyder and training camp

Examining the Commanders news and rumors from around the web following a monumental day.

Josh Harris
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Commanders rookies to report for training camp

It's easy to forget with everything going on behind the scenes, but there is also the small matter of football matters for the Washington Commanders to focus on heading into the 2023 campaign. In particular, the team's pivotal upcoming training camp in Ashburn.

The Commanders will welcome rookies into the building today, who'll get a head start on proceedings before established veterans join the ranks early next week. There is the small matter of signing the likes of Emmanuel Forbes and Quan Martin to their first NFL contracts to finalize, which should be a formality now that the ownership change has all but taken place.

Josh Harris and his team reportedly want to have boots on the ground throughout camp. While no major changes are expected to the staffing structure given the short timeframe before Week 1 against the Arizona Cardinals, the pressure on those occupying positions of power rose considerably from the moment the sale got rubber-stamped.

This is a distraction for head coach Ron Rivera, who's been keen to keep things primarily focused on football amid all the turmoil unfolding around him. But he'll need to hit it off with Harris during early discussions to avoid any unnecessary tightening of his job leash entering Year 4.

Football is back and the Commanders no longer have Dan Snyder's dark cloud hanging over the organization. If that doesn't get fans excited, they're in the wrong game.