Commanders News: Sale vote, Josh Harris, Dan Snyder and training camp

Examining the Commanders news and rumors from around the web following a monumental day.

Josh Harris
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Which Washington Commanders' news stories are hitting the headlines after one of the most memorable days in franchise history?

Yesterday was almost surreal. Washington Commanders fans have dreamed of a change in power for so long that many didn't genuinely know how to react when it became a reality - even though the collective relief and unrivaled joy was more than evident.

There was a lot to take in, so let's break it down. Among the most noteworthy stories include everything going through with minimal fuss, Josh Harris making his intentions clear right out of the gate, players starting to congregate for training camp, and Dan Snyder leaving the league in maximum disgrace.

Let's delve into each topic in more detail.

Commanders sale vote unanimous

It was a monumental day in franchise history. As it turned out, the vote to officially approve the Washington Commanders' sale to Josh Harris' ownership group was unanimous.

This was greeted with expected widespread joy and relief among the fans. They've been put through untold hardship for so long, with almost no success to celebrate throughout Dan Snyder's reign and the franchise turning into a proverbial laughing stock while the nearby Baltimore Ravens thrived.

Getting rid of Snyder is something everyone wanted. So there was probably an enormous amount of satisfaction across the room of billionaires when they cast the vote to send him away once and for all.

Now, the onus is on Harris and his partners to make the necessary steps to get this storied organization back to prominence.