Commanders News: Magic Johnson, Sam Cosmi, Eric Bieniemy and Robert Griffin III

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Robert Griffin III
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Magic Johnson wants Commanders to dominate

Magic Johnson is a born winner. Whether it be leading the Showtime Lakers to multiple NBA Championships, his success as a sports owner, or in the business world, everything he touches turns to gold.

This is something the Washington Commanders could benefit from after Johnson joined Josh Harris' ownership group. He's a relatively small stakeholder compared to others, but his role is a pivotal one as a recognizable figurehead and someone who commands instant respect within the locker room.

Johnson visited practice this week and spoke with players beforehand. When asked about what was discussed, the Pro Basketball Hall of Famer stated via John Keim of ESPN that ownership isn't going to be a distraction - they want to do everything possible to help this team reach heights not seen for years.

"I kept telling them I've never been satisfied. I'm a guy who wants more. I've always wanted more. I have 14 world championship rings and I [want] a Super Bowl ring. And so how can I help them achieve that? You don't have to worry about no problems from this ownership group. You just have to concentrate on Sundays playing football. You ain't going to read no headlines. You're not going to have to worry about nothing. No questions from you guys about stuff off the field. Your job is just to concentrate on doing your job and having fun every Sunday, every Thursday or every Monday. That's it."

Magic Johnson via ESPN

This sort of reassurance should be music to the Commanders' ears. And if Johnson has anything to do with it, this once-proud franchise will return to the NFL's top table sooner rather than later.