Commanders News: Magic Johnson, Sam Cosmi, Eric Bieniemy and Robert Griffin III

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Robert Griffin III
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Commanders OC Eric Bieniemy's expectations

After watching his former team fall to the Detroit Lions on opening night, Eric Bieniemy has the chance to get his season off to the best possible start in pursuit of securing a head coaching gig somewhere down the line. The Washington Commanders gave the respected figure plenty of responsibilities in keeping with those occupying top jobs around the league, even if his methods didn't sit well with some players within the locker room initially.

Bieniemy gets the opportunity to call plays for a talented offense that could thrive under his leadership. Much will depend on whether quarterback Sam Howell gets the necessary protection, but the former fifth-round selection can relax safe in the knowledge he has the perfect person to scheme things up during his first season as a starter in 2023.

When discussing the Commanders' season opener against the Arizona Cardinals this weekend, Bieniemy stated there are some nerves via Nicki Jhabvala from The Washington Post. However, it's something the assistant head coach is looking to harness positively with the spotlight glaring.

"I was taught a long time ago, if you ain't nervous, you ain't ready. There's always a nervous energy, but you always got to have that quiet, calm demeanor about yourself that shows that confidence, because your plays will sense that energy you're exuding."

Eric Bieniemy via X/Twitter

Big things are expected of Bieniemy and the Commanders want to see some sort of early return on their substantial investment. Some unknowns remain, but Washington has the perfect first game looking at how things are currently unfolding where the Cardinals are concerned.