Commanders news: Jayden Daniels, Josh Harris, Adam Peters and draft beef

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Jayden Daniels
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Commanders 'locked in' on Jayden Daniels?

It's been a dramatic week for Jayden Daniels, who's gone through his visits and also had to deal with his representatives making things more difficult than needed. Many saw this as a potential power play from the quarterback to get the team he desires. So far, that's proved to be unfounded.

Daniels doesn't have the stroke for such a move, in any case. If the Commanders believe he's the right signal-caller to lead this franchise into more prosperous times, they won't hesitate to pull the trigger at No. 2 overall.

This was a notion seconded by Ari Meirov from The 33rd Team. Despite some distractions this week, he's still hearing that the Commanders are locked in taking the Heisman Trophy winner out of LSU once Caleb Williams goes to the Chicago Bears as expected.

"During the last several weeks, the prevailing belief has been that the Washington Commanders coaching staff is settled on Jayden Daniels as its pick at No. 2 overall. Unlike Chicago, which only brought in Caleb Williams for a top-30 visit, Washington has conducted extensive evaluations on all the quarterbacks and has involved various voices in the decision-making process.

"That includes several members of ownership and former NBA executive Bob Myers. The belief remains that Daniels is the most likely choice."

Daniels will be a hard proposition to turn down. There are concerns about his slender frame and how his playing style might impact durability. That said, he's an electrifying signal-caller with all the makings of a franchise-caliber performer in the right fit.

Nobody knows for sure outside of a select few within the building. Adam Peters stated that they are close to concluding this drawn-out saga. If that's Daniels, then fans can expect to see an immediate upturn in production at football's most important position - something not seen since Kirk Cousins left for the Minnesota Vikings.