Commanders news: Jayden Daniels, Josh Harris, Adam Peters and draft beef

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Jayden Daniels
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Josh Harris' involvement

Josh Harris is well within his right to oversee the Washington Commanders' pre-draft evaluations. His ownership group paid $6.05 billion for the franchise and invested heavily in the infrastructure for good measure. It's also worth remembering that the billionaire is still learning about an NFL operation and this is his first draft as majority partner.

The Commanders are moving with more professionalism, but people are always looking to make something out of the smallest piece of information. Mike Florio from Pro Football Talk is no exception, claiming via anonymous sources that Harris has been more involved than many expected, which could lead to some friction when the time comes to take Washington's next franchise quarterback at No. 2 overall.

"Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Harris has been more involved than people expected him to be. Harris met with quarterbacks at the Scouting Combine. Harris realizes the importance of the decision his team is about to make.

"Ultimately, it’s his team. So it’s his decision. He’ll develop a preference. It will be impossible for him to keep it quiet. Once those around him sense what it is, that’s the direction in which they’ll go. Unless, for example, G.M. Adam Peters is willing to wager his career on rolling the dice with someone other than who the owner wants.

"While it’s still unclear who the Commanders will take, it will undoubtedly be a guy Harris wants. Or, at a minimum, it will be a player of whom he approves."

This notion was refuted by Adam Peters in his pre-draft press availability. The general manager stated that Harris had been supportive and provided them with everything needed to ensure this assessment process went according to plan. But according to the front-office leader, that's been about it.

There's a big difference between the owner observing and throwing their weight around to get a player that they prefer. Reading between the lines, Harris is the former and not the latter.