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Commanders QB Jayden Daniels' excitement

Jayden Daniels looks and plays like a franchise quarterback. He's got a quiet sense of aura that players and fans naturally gravitate towards. The Washington Commanders saw it too, keying in on the signal-caller from a long way out before eventually making him the No. 2 overall selection in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Much was made about Daniels' desire to reunite with Antonio Pierce on the Las Vegas Raiders. That was blown out of all proportion. There's a level of excitement about the challenge awaiting the Heisman Trophy winner out of LSU, which is dragging one of the league's most storied franchises off its knees and back into contention.

This is a good set-up for Daniels. The Commanders have some weapons on offense. There is a veteran quarterback - Marcus Mariota - for the rookie to lean on in times of struggle. Washington's new and improved coaching staff provides a stable structure that should enable the dual-threat weapon to thrive.

These vast alterations haven't gonna unnoticed by Daniels. He's intrigued by the prospect of developing his craft under Dan Quinn, offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury, and quarterbacks coach Tavita Pritchard. The No. 2 pick also believes the Commanders are set up to progress next season and into the future.

"It is very intriguing. I'm excited [with] how they built the quarterback room and offensive side of the ball. They set it up for success."

Daniels has a bigger bullseye on his back than most considering his final college campaign with the Tigers and where he was drafted. He's taken everything in his stride up to now, which is a testament to his high character and calm demeanor - traits that no doubt endeared the signal-caller to Washington's decision-makers.

There will be times of struggle for Daniels as a rookie. The Commanders offensive line also has questions to answer - especially at the left tackle position. This could hinder immediate progress, but there's also a chance everything clicks en route to a potential NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year campaign.