Commanders news: Jayden Daniels, Adam Peters, RFK Stadium and Johnny Newton

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Johnny Newton
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Commanders GM Adam Peters' calmness

Adam Peters had an enormous sense of pressure on his shoulders heading into his first NFL Draft as general manager. The Washington Commanders were loaded with picks and plenty of options were available. After comprehensive assessments and his previous experience working in front offices, he emerged from the selection event with great credit.

Peters didn't sit on his hands. He was active in trade activity, spurning one realistic offer to move down from No. 2 overall in favor of taking quarterback Jayden Daniels. There were attempts to move back into the first round for an offensive tackle, but nothing came to fruition.

The front-office leader dropped down in the second round after striking a deal with the Philadelphia Eagles. While doing business with a division rival raised eyebrows, Peters thought the offer was too good to turn down.

Ivan Lambert from USA Today Sports lauded Peters' level of calmness throughout the process. He also believed that trading in the second rather than the first round could hold added long-term benefits.

"Commanders fans can be glad that Commanders GM Adam Peters made his draft-day trade in the second round rather than the first round. This decision enabled the Commanders to gain an extra selection in the second round while also holding on to their No. 2 overall selection, where they could take the second quarterback in this year’s rookie class. Peters illustrated why you don’t simply trade down for the sake of trading down and gaining multiple draft picks."

Nothing is guaranteed where the draft is concerned. These players still have to prove themselves in a Commanders' uniform, but Peters no doubt enhanced his blossoming reputation by sticking to his board, not becoming reactionary, and striking with conviction when opportunities arose.

If the same trend continues over the next couple of years, it won't be much longer before the Commanders enter legitimate contention.